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Spilled Ink
Tuesday, 9 October 2007
Bombs, Bullets, and illustrations...

So being deployed and trying to get your creative juices flowing really go hand and hand. Being in a place where there are people legitimately out to get you creates drama like no where else. You get tragedy and comedy and intense action, sometimes all in the same day.

Being a soldier has always been like that and continues for me to be the same way... even with a ten year break.

There is a lot to do for work but I find that the tasks (or lack there of) that I do during the day really get my motor running. Since I have been here I have been drawing and writing like a fiend when i have time as I find that it bleeds off some of the stress of being away from home (as well as some of the other stressors found about the hooch). It is also very cool to finally find an Internet connection to find out all the things fellow illustrators and RPG Designers are doing. There are a lot of very cool things happening this year and from the looks of things I will be receiving the info later than sooner. In any event... I am glad I am doing what I am doing this year for several reasons...

  1. I am just a normal guy being put into a circumstance where someone didn't have the freedoms and securities that many free citizens enjoy. How many people can say they helped people in another country earn their freedom... Kinda Cool...

  2. The inspiration for my writing and sketching here is priceless. I can gain ten years of material here in a single year... I just hope my bunkmates don't notice the red light flashing on my camera or MP3 recorder... (snicker)

  3. With the advent of all this techno-gear... I can still keep up (kinda) with all that is going on in the comic and RPG industries while serving my country. Not to mention that on my down time I can do small projects and scan and email them in.

All in all... I can use this year for many things. The most important thing I can do is to focus on my job, succeed and excel. Sounds like a simple enough formula and since it has worked to this point...

Why mess...

Don't be shy... If you wouldn't mind writing to a soldier who happens to be a fellow RPG junky... I am a friendly guy and will probably respond with a note of thanks and a picture (hope you like camels).



Posted by kroh1 at 7:20 PM EDT
Tuesday, 25 September 2007
Fun in the Sun...



Long time no talk…  That happens when you go to fight in a war that the general public ignores.  They change the channel and turn down the volume, but for the men and women fighting in our armed forces… this is very real. 


So what’s been going on?  There has been a lot.  My wife and I are currently deployed with a group from our home state.  It has been a while since I put anything here as I am usually on the run for most of the day.  In any event… Any time I can get a signal out I will be putting out one of two blogs.  The first… Is the standard blog/journal that I put our for HAZARD Studios.  I will be trying to accomplish my duties as an illustrator and game junky while deployed.  Go me…


The second… will be the Ronin Journal.  This is going to cover me trying to get my groove on in the world of Martial Arts while trying not to get my head blown off.  I have a good batch of training that I am bringing with me (as well as four broken sticks… a set of focus mits, Thai shin guards, and one set of beat up gloves… Yep… I travel first class…Duffel Bag Express).


So if you have friends who regularly DON’T tune out the war… or if you just want to see what me and the wife are up to from time to time… Check out the two journals and leave a comment or two. 


Wish us Luck…



Posted by kroh1 at 4:58 PM EDT
Tuesday, 10 July 2007

It has definitely been one of those weird weeks. I got back a few days ago from training and am getting ready to head out again.

I have been wracking my brain about what to write about in these blogs and a couple of ideas hit me. My first idea was to write about the trials and tribulations of a semi-pro writer and illustrator in a country full of people trying to kill him. Sounded good at first blush but then I thought that it really wouldn't be interesting. The average subject would be that I never got any drawing done due to the fact that I was too tired from running around the country all day.

My next idea was to publish a series of articles about an American Martial Artist plying his skills in a country that blah, blah, blah. Once again...not too interesting.

So what is a kung fu supermodel supposed to do with his down time when it comes? Reporting on the scene is out of the question as I think people who do that need to be viciously slapped (OPSEC!!!!!).

Where do I go from here? I think the best bet for me is just to do what I have been doing. In the last few years... I have left the martial arts school I was with for almost a decade, gotten married, re-joined the military (something I said I wouldn't do), and now I am being deployed to a combat zone. Through all of the goings on, I have always kept a love for writing and drawing. There have even been those times that where I have spared a moment or two for those “geek out” moments.

I know I have readers and that they are all supporting me in what I do. I have received several letters and emails wishing me luck. The great thing is that in every case I get the same question. “What about the writing and drawing?”

We shall see...

Before I go I just wanted to shout out to a few people...


Thank you to my “cousin” who because of his tireless efforts is making what I do possible.

Thank you to my gaming family, who supported us going, threw us a giant go-away-con, and threatened to “con” us again when we get back.

Thanks to my Mom...just because she's cool.

Thank you to my Wife... You got me into this... again!  I love you Babe!

And a special thanks to my Monkey... Who knew a cold nose pressed into your face at 5 AM could make some one want to get up at that time.

Talk to everyone in a few...


Posted by kroh1 at 12:49 AM EDT
Tuesday, 29 May 2007

So you can often times tell who your real friends are when you have to go somewhere for a while.  This was the case recently as we had some friends throw us a going away party.  Sunday was a time for Robicon…The small gaming convention thrown in honor of my wife and myself. 


Oh… Did I mention that we are both deploying to Iraq?


So on Sunday we got up to see Tom, Jill, Tracey, Frank, Kira, and Dimitri (As well as the Bisbee Cats) for a day of gaming as well as to hang out with old and new friends.  The first game was played with the Savage Worlds system and played in Pulp Style as the Nazi’s and the Chinese fought against the heroes for a power that could save or savage the world.  The heroes came out on top (sort-of) and we saved the day with some clever “Slight of HAND” (sorry for the inside joke…you had to be there).  The second game used the same rules and spun off into a world nearly destroyed by elves.  This apocalyptic landscape saw our heroes undertake a mission to save a lost researcher.  This mission brought us amidst alien natives and a being from outside of reality.  Great fight and good beer!

While we are away, a good friend stepped up to the plate to care for our pets.  We were worried about this in the beginning, as both our families would have a hard time doing so.   I won’t be able to thank Brian for taking this on but I am sure I can come close.

So what is going to happen to Hazard Studio?  Nothing.  I am going to need something to do to work out the stress of being in a hostile country so any and all projects will be gleefully accepted.  I had a feeling that this would be coming so me getting ready to go and making sure that we have everything that we need was pretty much being taken care of.  

If you are a regular reader… Thanks for all the support you have given up until now. If you are just joining us… Please stay tuned as writing and drawing with me is truly about to become Hazardous!




Special Thanks to Tom who provided us with this weeks Picture! 

Posted by kroh1 at 10:55 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2007 11:02 AM EDT
Thursday, 17 May 2007


I seem to be saying that a lot these days.  Everyday some one says or does something that raises my eyebrows and either makes me want to laugh or cry.  Driving on the road is usually good for one, as I can’t seem to escape the multitude of idiocy that the Department of Motor Vehicles issues licenses to (deep calming breath).  On the other side… I have my pets that usually have me laughing beside myself.  I was doing laundry yesterday and turned to grab a cup of coffee.  When I turned back… I was astounded to find my Jack Russel Mix standing on top of some laundry trying to see if the bag of cat food we had emptied into the food bin earlier was in deed…empty.  Silly Puppy.


So in case you have been living under a pop culture rock…The Halo 3 Beta came out yesterday and it is loads of silly gooey fun!  For those that bought the game Crackdown for the Xbox 360, the initial releases had the beta download link coded into the game.  Pop it in on the designated date and watch what happens.  It is going to be very hard to get anything accomplished with this going on… I guess it beats being addicted to drugs.

I am currently trying to decide the best course of action for some new features for the web site.  One of the things I am contemplating doing is to have a weekly comic strip.  With the many projects I have going on at the moment (as well as the absolute lack of help from anywhere).  A weekly strip would be a big undertaking for me as I would have to do the story and art and color and ink myself.  Not a bad gig if it is the only thing you have going on.  If you are doing it on the side as a part of your life… a weekly strip could take more than a week to do.  Stupid real job and responsibilities.  

I should have listened to my mom and become a stripper…

She had such high hopes.


Posted by kroh1 at 10:15 AM EDT
Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Now Playing: REPORT!

The only thing that I have to report is that there is nothing to report!  What a great line.  I mean… the down side to all this connectivity through the Internet (which spurs on blogging, video spewing, and all sorts of other viral media) is that there is an over abundance of stuff.  There is so much new content constantly being generated and maintained that we are very much becoming jaded.  I feel it is a good thing to post to the journal every week but sometimes I feel I suffer from, “So what,” syndrome.   The symptoms of this condition being that nothing really exciting happened this week and if anything did, I really can’t talk about it.  


A highlight of the week is that we finally got the martial art club store up on the web.  We are selling shirts and logo apparel and the usual assortment of drool that comes in from a site like Café Press.  All of the proceeds from the sale of the items will go to purchase new equipment when we need it.  Now all we have to do is to get people to buy some of the stuff.  I did have some people comment on the shop and say that it looks very official (the logos).  It appears as though I am now the grand pubah of some new martial art.  The fact of the matter is, we aren’t doing anything new.   We are just a bunch of guys who grew very sick and tired of the commercial aspect of martial arts instruction.  You either have great instructors with poor business plans or poor instructors with great business plans.  There are the occasional diamonds in the rough (you know who you are) but the majority is very lackluster.  When you have to dummy down a systemized strategy for fighting so that a 42 year old, love handled ridden, soccer mom can feel empowered, you are not teaching martial arts.  You might be teaching them self respect and discipline as well as stage / theatre combat… but how to fight and win… sorry.  All that drivel aside, you can visit the logo below and check out the gear.  Classy!

The one down thing for this week is that the project for FASERIP that a lot of us are waiting on (The Advanced rules redux) has seemed to have stalled.  The advanced rules were where the system really shined as many innovations were integrated.  Many of us who are waiting to publish material are waiting on that version as they give the broadest ability to adapt to the many genre of superhero fiction.  Hopefully, Phil will get a free minute to work things out as of last report he was almost done.  While waiting, Check out the different versions of the core system that we posted up on our F.O.R.G.E. page.  

Catch ya on the flip side…


Posted by kroh1 at 8:40 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 10 May 2007 9:53 AM EDT
Tuesday, 1 May 2007
No Where to Go But Up

Man…Lately I have the drawing bug.  Lots of new art and no where to put it.  I guess there are worse things that could be happening.  Commissions have been slow as of late as I really have been slacking on that side of the business.  It hasn’t been because no one is commissioning but rather I have been focusing on my own projects.  I currently have three projects in the hoper at the moments that are requiring my attention (not to mention that there is other silly stuff behind the scenes that are definitely going to put the squeeze on my time for the next year or so).

Thing one is FASERIP compatible and will be going along with the redux of the rules that have been written by Phil Reed of Ronin Arts.  Tentatively called Project 121, the product was written using the advanced FASERIP rules and will be published once the advanced rules come out from Ronin Arts.  I would love to get this out of the box early but I don’t want to jump the gun and get in even more trouble that I am in at the moment.

Thing two is called Project 13 and was a project that started around last May and has been put back due to one setback or another that can easily be discerned by traveling to the rest of the Blogg.  This project is d20 Modern compliant and will be a full setting utilizing d20 Modern as the major Rules with d20 future riding shotgun (along with a smattering of things from here and there.  Considering that FASERIP is being constructed as I write this and M&M2ed would also be a good fit… this project is getting a lot bigger, a lot faster than I originally intended).   This is my pet project as I really enjoy the setting and how it comes together.  People who want to take a peak can go HERE and check it out. 

Thing three is called tentatively called The Black Project and I spoke about it earlier in the blogg as space opera meets cinematic action.  Running people through the first part of the campaign adventure, I got great reviews and managed to wow the players (after battling a small bout of confusion in the beginning of the game).  Small hints about this have been hitting the net as I am shopping around for a publisher (as publishing anything myself would drive me insane). 

Other than that and the Super Ultra Top Secret Annoyance that has plagued me for the last month (although some of you out there already know), not much has gone on… However, funny thing happened on the way to the print on demand…

I got a call from Café Press today in that apparently… I am a copyright violator.  Yep…It’s true… They raided my virtual shop ( the one me and the boys opened for official logo apparel for our martial arts club) and locked down a whole bunch of my images due to the fact that a skull logo I had drawn had a resemblance to the one that is used by… THE PUNISHER!  I wasn’t worried as he is a sissy and he can’t draw like I can.  So rather than seeing the punisher cry a river of lawyers, I changed the logo and will be uploading it tonight.  Who says I can’t be caring and sensitive…

Catch you guys on the flip side…


Posted by kroh1 at 1:32 PM EDT
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
The Gray
The greatest thing in the world is when a legend dies. For example… Captain America… Dead. I know he has died four other times before. Still…because of everything that is going on in the country, it hit me hard that he bought the farm! I also admit to having a knee jerk reaction…. Also announced this week was the death of the print format of both Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine. C’mon… those have been around for the last thirty years and are almost as old as Tabletop Gaming.

Here is the cool part about all this death and destruction… It is stimulating the hell out of the industry. If you go onto EnWorld right now the forums are on fire! Everyone is talking about how it really sucks that this is happening and how they are wrong for murdering such a staple of the industry. Maybe THEY are right and this is the biggest mistake made in the RPG industry. Maybe what they are saying about assassinating Captain America on the steps of the courthouse was a major story No-No.

The thing I like so much about this is that THEY aren’t seeing the big picture. Change motivates creativity and that is something that the people of both the Comics and RPG industry needs. How many times can you realistically tell the story of the same Comic Book Character before it becomes trite? How many times will a company come out with an umpteenth source book about elves or fighting warrior poets?

The crazy thing is that we as consumers buy all this garbage.  I believe that a big reason for this is nostalgia. When we are young, everything holds the promise of lightning in a bottle. We look at everything with wide eyed amazement. Then we get older and we have seen it and done it before. It gets harder to amaze ourselves...

Give me a good old fashioned story wrapped in new characters and stunning new ideas.  Kick down the walls of the box and walk around unrestricted. Don't let your geek flag fly... Set it on fire and run around screaming about all the great ideas spilling out of your head...

If the Giants of Entertainment can't come up with something that will wow...

Maybe the rest of us will...


Posted by kroh1 at 9:36 PM EDT
Wednesday, 18 April 2007
Junkyard Dog...

Hey there All...

So with the advent of the 4c Basic Rules "hitting shelves," publishers now have access to start to fiddle with them as they please.  The rules are fast, light, and true to the original so that there will be little if any negotiation needed when going from the original Marvel Supers RPG and then to 4c.  One enterprising soul named Mike MacMartin got a jump on things and created Open Office versions of the original document (RTF) files.  Mike took it a step further and created a two page character creation checklist to help people jump in and craft groovy characters.  Sweet!  Those interested can jump back to the HAZARD Studios Loading Zone (downloads) and check out the files so far.  And of course you know that I was going to shoot you a direct link...

In celebration of all the great stories that comics and games give us, Hazard has thrown a little page together to put all this stuff on.  We created our Four Color Oriented Role Playing Engine page that will be hosting not only the files created by Ronin Arts, but also some fan and HAZARD made content.  4c was made for and by the fans and I think that it only be right that some of this stuff has a home.  I know that I will not be the only one that has a hand in this but if we all do our part and promote the hell out of this thing... Good LAWD!

Some other pages to look into include:

The Guardian Universe Omega:  Dilly Green Been Games have come up with a great way to present the 4c Rules using their home grown supers setting.  The art is tight and the layout is a lot of fun...

ThatArtGuy From the Classic Marvel Website has stated that he has something in the works.  If you want to see what this guy can do...simply go to the Classic Marvel homepage and find the GM's Screen that he did amongst the downloads.  NICE!

IamTim from Seraphim Guard has splashed us with a great page toting his upcoming project... Super Anime Heroes! This looks like a lot of fun and a must have for fans of that genre ( ... and er... ah... heroes!). 

Keep your eyes peeled for more good action coming your way from Phil Reed of Ronin Arts and from all the folks working forge to generate this great content.  

I could generate some exciting yet disturbing Army news... But that would just change the mood...

Until next time folks...

Play hard and play HAZARDous... Because safe games suck!



Posted by kroh1 at 7:53 AM EDT
Thursday, 12 April 2007
Oh My Goodness!

Well, good thing mostly.  When I signed back into the military, I did so with the intent that I would get to be all that I could be and all that jazz.  I was running into the same problems as last time.  I was toeing the line and stepping up when the unit needed something and I was getting JACK in return.  So I told the people in charge that since they couldn’t hook a brother up I was going to walk down the hall and see what either the SF or the Infantry had to offer.  No need to have me pretending to be an MP when they don’t want me, right?

I got a call last night telling me that the boys that make the decisions were afraid of me leaving and wanted to make things right.  They are talking about getting me the stuff I need to do this job.  I can be an infantryman.  I could go SF or scouts and that would be fine but I have done the infantry before.  I wanted to learn something new and the fact that I am getting a bit older means that me walking 50 Km is not exactly a good thing.  So I am excited to see what the next drill brings and whether or not they are going to carry through with their threat to “hook it up.”  In any event, lots of good things are planned for the next one so we will just have to stay tuned for future developments.  As one of my superiors is fond of saying, “As soon as I find out you’ll be the third to know.” 

FASERIP!!!  Yep… it’s back and with a brand new bang.  Phil Reed from Ronin Arts really came through with the Basic Rule Set for the FASERIP conversion.  This open source “copyleft” document allows publishers and authors to take advantage of this great rule system and produce adventures and new content for the fans.  So without further ado, here are the Basic Four Color Rules.  We will have a new download page for all the goodies that HAZARD is planning for this up and running in no time. 

Stay tuned for more good things…

P.S.  If you have a few minutes and really need a break for something interesting… 


“The only easy day was yesterday…”




Posted by kroh1 at 7:53 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 April 2007 8:06 AM EDT
Wednesday, 4 April 2007
Where are my Fiddlers 3???

Life is meaningless and empty and I have nothing to live for… I am going to end it…


Yep.  You were about to call nine-one-one and try and save a life weren’t you?  You’re a champ!  Everything is fine and life is great!  I am insanely busy and there is plenty out there to get excited about at the moment… You guessed it… I am about to tell you what the good stuff is.

As I wrote about in an earlier post, I started GMing again with a great gaming group.  Running a space opera setting, I ran the first adventure and the results were a lot of fun.  Space prisons, hidden agendas and a mutant abomination plague all culminated in the PC’s narrowly escaping with their skins and a little booty in the form of a ship.  It was Star Wars meets the Pitch Black and it was a lot of fun had by all.  The setting was a revamp of something I was going to write novels in years ago but never got to.  Well, I have a reason to get to it now.  The setting in all its glory is being polished and finished in order to market it to potential publishers.  Do I think that I will be the next great science fiction guru… nah, but it is fun to think like one in order to write this stuff. 

My life as a soldier is also a bit strange at the moment.  I am not really sure what I am going to do as far as re-enlistment goes but they have offered me the school that I need and the money that goes with re-enlisting.  Since they are taking steps in the right direction I am inclined to sign my name again but I am always leery of things now because of stuff in my past.  I need to make sure that I always get everything in writing and to make them see my position.  The people in the army see the mission and in doing so sometimes forget that if you don’t take care of your soldiers, they will not be there for the next one. 

Another cool bit of news is that the wife (hi Honey! >>>insert dorky husband wave here<<<) is still working on her skills as a colorist.  She is getting very good at doing it by hand and once she has that dog under the leash (proficient) I will show her how to do it on the computer.  Some of the programs are complex and can take a college course to get the most out of them.  Despite that I have confidence that she will pick it up in short order.  Sniff, Sniff, they grow up so fast.

Lots of other things running in the background but only rambled enough for now… I have to go and pretend to be professional…



Posted by kroh1 at 8:30 AM EDT
Monday, 26 March 2007
I am who I am...

So let’s see what’s going on around here…

[RANT]  It has been almost a year since I decided to put on the camie jamies.  It was a fun year but I am unsure of whether or not I am going to re-enlist.  While it has been fun while it lasted, I really don’t feel like the Army (or at least the unit I signed on for) really wants me there.  I hear stories about how I am not the only one who is being abused and ignored.   I hear how that is the way things are and that I should have remembered what it was like before I re-uped.  Here is my take on the whole thing…SCREW the way it is.  Why not make it the way it SHOULD be?

People know there is a problem and they decide they can do nothing about it because it is either too hard or the people involved are too stupid.  I don’t like that attitude.  If you see a problem… fix it.  If the system is broken…repair or replace the system.  I love it when you are confronting a problem and some one says, “you know how they/ it are/is.”  When some one tells me that I really just want to jump in their grill and ask them “what if I don’t like the way THEY are?”  What if the way THEY are is severely stepping on my tail and getting my hair up?

The point is… Either they are going to have to affect some major changes (like giving me what I need to do my job) or I am going to walk.  I’ll join the girl scouts.  For those of you on this side of a drill sergeant you know that there is a slim chance of that… you know how THEY are…[END RANT]

So in other news… Lots of big things going on in and around the pencil.  Hopping in and out of Phil Reed’s site Ronin Arts one can find not only some of the coolest supplements for the d20 and open gaming community, but also you can find the news and updates for the FASERIP project (tentatively titled “Four Color”).  Phil has already chewed through the “Basic” part of the system and should be moving onto the advanced side of the house.  I am really excited about this project, as it will open the small but loyal fan base up to new material that can be produced by anyone under an open license.  So not only will publishers be able to create new material for this great system but fans of the new system can find various sources over the net where this stuff is being distributed.  Sweet.

Mutants and Masterminds .  You know it… You love it… and you can create for it too (if you have the skills and the will).  You just have to make sure what you are writing isn’t crap.  M&M will license to anyone who is not a hack and can make a product that will match up with their vision of M&M.  My thoughts on that is that it is a good idea in that who wants their name dragged down by some second rate developer with delusions of grandeur.    Phil Reed is putting out a magazine tentatively entitled Mastermind Magazine (yep he is a busy guy, see above paragraph).  I petitioned (stalked) Phil and asked to do some illustrating for the new magazine.  He graciously supported the idea (restraining order to follow) and I should have an illustration in an upcoming issue.  Not a huge break but I am excited about it as I am a fan of the game  Any chance to get people to look at my stuff is a good one.

We’ll see what happens and whether or not I can make the grade as in illustrator… or I fall flat as an ill-ah-faker. 



Please feel free to visit my



Posted by kroh1 at 5:34 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 26 March 2007 5:36 PM EDT
Wednesday, 7 March 2007

March 7, 2007 A Hero Falls


America looses one of its greatest Icons of Freedom and Liberty.   All I can say is that as a soldier... Symbols are strong motivators to help us to continue the fight.  When we knock down our symbols we set back our ability to believe.

As a comics fan I can see what the writers are doing even though I don't agree with it.   Cap took on the Nazi's and fought communism.  Marvel comics took on the current climate by having a hero civil war.  I guess they didn't have the balls enough to do as they did in Cap's day and write about the ACTUAL Issues.  Instead they resort to alegory and metaphore.  

Cap might have fallen on the page, but what he stood for and the symbols he represented will hopefully be emblazoned by this storyline.   




And to all the Real American Heroes... Be safe... We Love you.



Posted by kroh1 at 11:41 PM EST
I can't believe they can do that...



Ahhh... It was called FASERIP and it is an acronym for the basic attributes behind the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game!  This game came out in the eighties and was supported until the TSR crash in the early nineties.  It was a game ahead of its time and had some great ideas that pushed the envelope of the time.  Games back then were complicated and full of tables and numbers that did nothing but slow down the games.  

In a world of rules heavy volumes with tomes of overwhelming info... Marvel Supers was a breath of fresh air.  You could create characters in under an hour and the rules were comprehensive and light at the same time.  You could go to the store, pick up the box set and be playing that evening.  Best of all was the fact that it was the Marvel Universe. 

After TSR crashed, a few loyal fans kept the fan fires burning.  Chief among the sites were CLASSIC MARVEL and MARVELRPG.  Not seeking any profit for their endeavors, these carriers of the Marvel Torch kept their game on the internet and free to the fans.  These sites not only kept the game available but in some cases produced new content to update the game they loved.  

"But didn't you already post about this...?"

Yep. can consider this an update. 

With the world of comics taking a nose dive in the late nineties, only recently have they started to gain in popularity again. Is it the war?  Is it the fact that people feel besieged on all sides?  Whatever the case, this has been good for Comic book RPG's.  Hero, GURPS, Mutants and Masterminds, and Blood and Vigilance are but a few names of games that have been in the spotlight as of late.  Whatever the reason, these games bring the hope and heroism of comics to the RPG community.  

Phil Reed of Ronin Arts is looking to bring FASERIP back into the spotlight.  Although there are more complex games out there to run, FASERIP is great for quick games that are light on the rules and heavy on the fun.  By re-creating the rules in an Open Content format would allow publishers to create adventures and support material for it.  This wouldn't allow the Marvel content to be touched but the new material would be 100% compatible with the actual rules and stuff published back in the day. 


This is good news for old and new fans alike. New fans can see the benefit to these rules while having fully supported material being released on a regular basis.  Old fans can see this same new material being 100% compatible with the rules they already enjoy (and have the new content published by professional game developers). 

So why am I even writing about this?  I helped to fund the project that Mr. Reed is working on. Although not as much as some others donated, my contribution added to the total to get Ronin Arts on the job.  When everything is said and done, we will have a system the others can publish for and thus re-launching a system that has been out of the spotlight back into it.   Possible art jobs on the horizon... Maybe.  Fun on the horizon... Definitely. 

The only down side to this is that the Marvel comics content that made this game so attractive initially is untouchable.  But on the up side... Anyone who wants to play in Stan Lee's world only needs to go to their local comic shop...




Posted by kroh1 at 10:59 PM EST
Thursday, 1 March 2007

Click it or HULK will SMASH YOU! 

Posted by kroh1 at 10:56 PM EST

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